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Invoice from EuroMedi – European Medical Directory – DAD GmbH about 877 EUR

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Have you received an invoice from EuroMedi – European Medical Directory – DAD GmbH for an online business directory entry? EuroMedi – European Medical Directory – DAD GmbH Hamburg is based in Hamburg. The Managing Directory is Mrs. Daniela Kunst. EuroMedi – European Mdical Directory – is increasingly offering an online business directory entry to european medical companies. The EuroMedi – European Mdical Directory –is sending a form to european medical company and ask them to check the pre-entered information and amend or supplement it if necessary. The data will be used for entry on

Important notice:

In the small print at the end of the form the company is informed that, by signing the form, a three-year contract is concluded requiring payment for an online business directory entry. The cost for each year of the contract term is 877,00 EUR and it is to pay in advance. The contract subsequently will be automatically extended annually unless the company send a written notice requesting terminationof the contractwithin three months before the expiration of the contracts`s terms. Furthermore, EuroMedi is notified that German law is applicable and exclusive place of jurisdiction and performance is Hamburg.

Legal notice:

If you didn´t see the information at the end of the form and if you signed the form and you subsequently received an invoice, do not pay it right away. Instead, have your case reviewed to determine whether a valid contract was in fact concluded and if it´s possible to terminate the contract. Also read this article!

How can I help you?

Because German law ist applicable you should contact a German lawyer and ask for advice and legal help. If you require the assistance of a lawyer to defend against this claim, our law firm will gladly take your case. We will advise and represent you online for an all-inclusive fee. Call me: +49 (0)2154-605904. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Or write me an Email to There are no legal fees for this initial consulation.

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