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Have you received an invoice from TVV Tele Verzeichnis Verlag GmbH for an online business directory entry?

Geschrieben von Virabell Schuster am 12. August 2014 um 12:16 Uhr

(1) TVV Tele Verzeichnis Verlag GmbH based in Hamburg is increasingly offering an online business directory entry to foreign companies as well. On the registration form, the recipient is asked to review the pre-entered information for accuracy and completeness, and to make any necessary corrections:

„For the inclusion in the UK Corporate Portal read the information in the letter attached to this application carefully; check your information and, if applicable, return this form (page 2) to us. Use this form exclusively to place an order liable to costs. The puplication of further data (expanded entry) will provide a link to your webside (if given)) and a highlighted position (of your company). […]”.

Important notice:

In the small print at the end of the letter the recipient is informed that, by signing the form, a three-year contract is concluded requiring payment for an online business directory entry. The cost for each year of the contract term is GBP 797 in this case. Unless it is cancelled in writing no later than three months before the end of the contract term, the contract is renewed by one year at a time. Furthermore, the recipient is notified that German law applies exclusively.

“Order – We hereby agree to the publication of our company´s data indicated on this form and place an order to publish […] according to the general terms and conditions. The conditions are specified overleaf. The information provided will appear as an advertisement for a term of three years.  […]. Annual billing in the amount of 797 GBP is due upon issue of the invoice. The order ist prolonged annually if no cancellation is provided by registered letter. This cancellation notice has to be given three month before order expiration.  Applicable law is exclusively German. […]”

Legal notice:

If you failed to notice that, by signing the form, you were concluding a contract subject to costs and you subsequently received an invoice, do not pay it right away. Instead, have your case reviewed to determine whether a valid contract was in fact concluded. If you are a german company, please look here!

How can I help you?

Since German law applies according to the notice of the online business directory operator, engaging a law firm in Germany that is familiar with this issue is recommended. If you require the assistance of a lawyer to defend against this claim, our law firm will gladly take your case. We will advise and represent you online for an all-inclusive fee. Call me: +49 (0)2154-605904. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Or write me an Email to There are no legal fees for this initial consultation.

Demand for payment of Credit Collection Factoring S.R.O. (CCF) on behalf of TVV Tele Verzeicnis Verlag GmbH

Geschrieben von Virabell Schuster am 30. November 2017

Update (2): In the cases described above, the debt collection agency Credit Collection Factoring S.R.O. (CCF) demands on behalf of TVV Tele Verzeicnis Verlag GmbH the payment of the annual fee for an online business directory entry. This problem is affecting European companies who in recent years have signed a form sent by TVV Tele Verzeicnis Verlag GmbH for the entry of company information in an online business directory and have not paid the annual costs incurred for this in the meantime. The demands for payment include additional costs for the collection procedure in addition to the annual fee. The letter of demand also states that in the event of non-payment, legal dunning proceedings will be initiated. If you also have received such a demand for payment, you can submit it here by email ( You can also call me at 0049 – 2154 – 605904. You will not incur any lawyer’s fees through this phone call and conversation. Based on the daily processing of a variety of comparable cases, I can assist you quickly and expertly. We represent affected parties all over Europe by email.

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